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  • Direct Food Contact Compliant Lubricants

    Slipstream manufacture a comprehensive range of non-toxic direct food contact lubricants both liquids and edible gels for use with chains, conveyor belts and cutting blades. Our direct food contact lubricants come in a range of viscosities and operate between -20°C to +200°C. When formulating our range of products we aimed to make them odourless and tasteless so they won't taint the flavour of your products.

    Our direct food contact lubricants are also used as a barrier for inactive machinery such as blades to protect from rust over longer periods of time. Our range of direct food contact lubricants are specifically formulated to prevent bacterial growth as well as protect your machinery.

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  • H1 - Incidental Food Contact Lubricants

    Slipstream produce a full range of non-toxic incidental food contact lubricants both liquids and gels for many practical applications including gearboxes, bearings and chains to name just a few.

    All our incidental food contact lubricants meet USDA, NSF H1 standard and have been made with approved ingredients. Our incidental food contact lubricants come in a range of viscosities and operating tempratures from -75°C to +200°C.

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  • Extreme Temperature Lubrication

    Slipstream manufacture a range of extreme temperature lubricants that are designed for the most extreme conditions and operating temperatures from -75°C to +1100°C.  This range of lubricants is designed for use in foundries, bakeries, kiln plus the mining and offshore oil industries. They can be used with most rolling elements including but not limited to drills, bearings, conveyor belts and fans.

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  • Gearbox Lubrication

    Slipstream produce a range of liquids and fluid gels for a wide range of gearboxes. The liquids are used to replace oils and are used in the same way. The fluid gels are used when the gearbox has an issue with leaking seals. The fluid gel lubricants are thicker than the liquids and therefore is less likely to leak. The fluid gels can be used as a short-term solution to keep the gearbox running until a time where the gearbox can receive maintenance. Slipstreams gearbox lubricants come in a range of viscosities and operate between -75°C to +200°C.

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  • Bearing Lubrication

    Slipstream manufacture a range of bearing lubricating gels for all types of bearings. Our products have a huge range of operating temperatures from -75°C to +1100°C. They are available in a various NIGL viscosities.

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  • Compressor Lubricants

    Slipstream produce a range of compressor lubricants for all types of applications and types of compressors including rotary screw, rotary vane and reciprocating piston types. Our compressor lubricants come in a range of viscosity and operating temperatures between -75°C to +200°C.

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  • Cleaning & Release Agents

    Slipstream Lubricants make a range of non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, incidental food contact solvent cleaners and releases. These are primarily aimed at the food and pharmaceutical industries for cleaning and protecting production equipment after use. However, they can be used for other industries to provide protection of equipment during downtime. All of this range are made with FDA approved ingredients and had a USDA H1 approval.

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Product Categories

Product Categories

All our products are broken down into three categories that they conform to. This is designed help you understand what product meets your needs.

If you need more help please contact our product support line on 0044 1424 31 00 69.

  • H1 FOOD GRADE = Incidental Food Contact
  • H2 NON FOOD GRADE = Industrial Lubricant
  • H3 FOOD GRADE = Direct Food Contact Product

Product Information

General Lubricants
No. 4 GelMSDSData SheetBuy HereH1
No. 6 GelMSDSData SheetBuy HereH1
No, 8 GelMSDSData SheetBuy HereH1
No. 9 GelMSDSData SheetBuy HereH1
BG 6 OilMSDSData SheetBuy HereH1
CL FluidsMSDSData SheetBuy HereH1
CORRGI T2MSDSData SheetBuy HereH2
Flow Gel 2MSDSData SheetBuy HereH1
IFCMSDSData SheetBuy HereH1
Steel SlipMSDSData SheetBuy HereH2
CGL FluidsMSDSData SheetBuy HereH1
TW 00 GelMSDSData SheetBuy HereH1
TW 2 GelMSDSData SheetBuy HereH1
TW 3 GelMSDSData SheetBuy HereH1
Ultra SlipMSDSData SheetBuy HereH1
V-Lube 3MSDSData SheetBuy HereH1
High Temperature & Extreme Conditions
6476 GelMSDSData SheetBuy HereH2
HT 000 GelMSDSData SheetBuy HereH1
HT 00 GelMSDSData SheetBuy HereH1
HT 5 GelMSDSData SheetBuy HereH1
HT 10 GelMSDSData SheetBuy HereH1
HT 11 GelMSDSData SheetBuy HereH1
Hot SpotMSDSData SheetBuy HereH2
BS 2 & BS 3MSDSData SheetBuy HereH2
Direct Food Contact Products
DFC 1 FluidMSDSData SheetBuy HereH3
DFC 1 GelMSDSData SheetBuy HereH3
Edible Gel 57MSDSData SheetBuy HereH3
Conditioning Monitoring Products
6476S & SP GelTo FollowTo FollowH2
CGL Green FluidsMSDSData SheetH1
CGL S FluidsMSDSData SheetH1
CGL SP FluidsMSDSTo FollowH1
AT GelMSDSData SheetBuy HereH1
GT 2 GelMSDSData SheetBuy HereH1
RT 2 GelMSDSData SheetBuy HereH1
Specialist Products
MondomixMSDSData SheetBuy HereH3
Cleaning Products
CAL 2 PCMSDSData SheetBuy HereH1
CAL 1, 2 & 5MSDSData SheetBuy HereH1
Purger 1MSDSData SheetBuy HereH1
Purger 2, 3, 6MSDSData SheetBuy HereH1
Protection Products
MondomixMSDSData SheetBuy HereH3
Electrically Conductive
Hot SpotMSDSData SheetBuy HereH2

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