Our Company History

Peter Dryden - Founder Of Slipstream Lubricants

  • The Early Years

    Founded in 1988, Slipstream was established to formulate and manufacture a fully synthetic range of liquids and gels for use by the food, pharmaceutical, industrial and offshore oil industries. Slipstream products have enjoyed a long and successful history in delivering significant advantages to these industries with the implementation of Slipstream products, our end users have experienced reduced electrical energy consumption and extended asset life span due to a reduction in ware.

  • Slipstream’s product range is designed to replace and outperform conventional lubricants and are well known for their ability to trouble-shoot engineering problems.

  • Slipstream Plasma Lubricants

    Our Plasma Lubricants range outperforms most conventional and synthetic lubricants and they are compatible with all common mineral hydrocarbon oils and greases. Slipstream Plasma Lubricants utilise the energy generated by moving contact surfaces to form a protective shield between working components and are designed to work hand in glove with our acoustic emissions monitoring service.

    Our Plasma range of lubricants were developed from research for low friction coatings. The products have been formulated and refined by our R&D department since 1998. Reducing the shockwave phenomena that is experienced when contra rotating gears, slide, guide or glide work surfaces are in contact. Slipstream products significantly reduce friction, both saving energy and lowering wear to such an extent that they can increase machinery life by up to 25%.

  • Condition Monitoring

    Slipstream developed a system for monitoring rolling assets for some of their main customers to predict asset condition and plan preventative maintenance. Due to the success of this pilot scheme we now offer Slipstream’s Acoustic Emissions condition monitoring system to all of our customers both large and small.

    Slipstream’s Acoustic Emissions condition monitoring system provides data related to the mechanical condition of rotating plant and machinery. It does this by detecting high frequency stress waves (at approximately 100 kHz) associated with energy loss mechanisms such as friction and impacts that are naturally produced by machinery in poor condition.

The need for solutions to improve production and reduce mechanical downtime is essential, to make companies more competitive. We have the expertise to select or combine a number of condition monitoring tools to provide the most effective package for your operations such as, colour coded Plasma Lubricants for assets at different stages of ware. We have introduced the combined benefits of Condition Monitoring, oil analysis and Plasma Lubrication for organisations.

Founder Peter Dryden & Mark Dryden back in 1988

Slipstream also tailor makes bespoke products and services around our customers’ requirements. If you have a lubrication issue or are interested in our condition monitoring service, please contact us through our contact page.